Coach’s Club at Sports Authority

Got this note yesterday from Mike Hanscom, the 10U coach from the Mundelein Thunder and an all-around good guy. He made this discovery over the weekend and was kind enough to pass it along to the rest of the Thunder coaches, so I thought I’d pass it along as well. Mike is a regular reader of Life in the Fastpitch Lane so if you want to pass along your thanks to him you can always leave a comment. Here is Mike’s e-mail:

FYI – I just returned from Sports Authority where I found out you can join their Coach’s Club.  They gave me a form to fill out (which I took home to do) and a packet of coupons.  There are 20 sheets of general coupons to give one out to each girl.  These coupons are 10% off of gloves, cleats, bats, bags and accessories and 20% off of apparel.  There are 2 other general coupons for $10 off of a purchase above $25 for the coaches.  Then there are coupons to be given out as Team Player Awards that are good for $5 off any purchase.  All coupons are good through 2007.

Just thought you all might be interested as the coupons are free and pretty good deals.  I believe the form will grant us email offers for deals (but I got the coupons without having to commit so you don’t have to sign-up them if you don’t want to).


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