Finally some softball!

Our local high school team finally had their first gmes today — about two weeks after the season was supposed to get started. It was actually a double header, with our team playing two different opponents.

The girls looked a bit rusty in the first game, but seemed to do better in the second. The bats started coming alive, and even though there weren’t a lot of hits to get people on base, at least they were swinging the bats and hitting the ball hard. When you’re doing that, base hits (and more) can’t be far behind.

It was definitely chilly out there — those of you in the south and west have no appreciation for what it’s like sitting in 45 degree temperatures for five hours — but at least there was plenty of sunshine to help warm things up a little.

The local weather is calling for temps in the high 50s Monday, but with rain. I hope not. The girls have to be tired of working in the gym. It’s time for the reward of playing the game. And watching it.

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