Pitchers, get your butts in gear

No, I’m not going to rail on you about getting out and practicing. You should know that already.

This post is more about what you should be feeling when you drive off the rubber. There is a tendency for young pitchers to reach out their front foot, leaving a big spread between their feet, then dragging their back foot up to complete the pitch. This action will pull them forward, but not as powerfully as it could.

If you really drive the front knee forward, you should feel your butt pulling forward as well. This is your center of gravity moving toward the plate. If you get that happening you will generate more momentum into the pitch, which will help increase pitch speed — especially because you will have to increase your arm speed to keep up with your feet.

It takes a little getting used to, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Remember: the key is the butt. Get it in gear.
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