Protecting the catcher’s throwing hand

There are all kinds of risks for catchers. Most will show their bruises, knots, and scrapes with pride.

One area you don’t want to mess around with, however, is the throwing hand. It’s important to protect it from foul tips, balls in the dirt, and general wild pitches.

That’s why I’m amazed sometimes to see how exposed many of them still leave it. Some will set it on their legs, some will let it hang down to the side, some will even let it hang over between their legs. Any of those positions is vulnerable.

The way to assure the hand is protected is to take the thumb and pull it across the palm of the hand and fold the fingers over it. Then take the hand and hide it behind the shin guard on that side. This position protects both the hand and thumb, yet leaves the hand available to make a throw.

Be sure you keep the hand protected and you’ll keep your catcher in business a lot longer.

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