What it takes to be a D1 prospect

For once I am not planning to just blabber on about a topic. Instead, I’m seeking some input, especially from those who either are college players now or once were. College coaches in particular are invited to post.

So, what does a D1 prospect look like? Is she easily identifiable amongst all the other players, or are there more intangibles at work?

For my part, I would assume you could pick her out of the bunch. She would generally be very athletic — faster or stronger than average, with quicker reactions. If the next best player on the team is hitting .333, she’s over .500. In the field she is very sure-handed — no fumbling around with balls when she gets them, she just picks them and fires them. Her arm is very strong, with good mechanics. When she throws the ball it pops!

Mentally, I’d assume she knows the game well. She is rarely confused about what to do with the ball when she gets it. She exhibits leadership qualities among her teammates, is generally very confident, and has an overwhelming desire to win.

Is that accurate? What did I miss?
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