Louisville Slugger PRO FLARE 12 3/4'' Baseball Glove FGPF14-BK127-LT

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Throwing Hand

From all-time greats and future Hall of Famers, to College World Series and Olympic champions, to the young and old who simply love to play the game - Louisville Slugger is devoted to making performance ball gloves for all levels of play. The Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Series has developed a loyal following of players that love its unique design. Preferred by some of the top professional and collegiate players, the Flare design utilizes an outward bend of the top of the thumb and pinky fingers to create a larger catching surface. These gloves are constructed using top grade, oil-infused steerhide leather for an outstanding feel and toughness. The Pro Flare Series also derives additional durability from its extra wide dye-through lacing that will hold this glove together for years to come. These professional, baseball specific patterns are going to take your game to the next level this season! Quicker transfer from glove to hand for infielders. Quicker turn for middle infielders. Quicker release for outfielders. This is the reason that the Louisville Slugger Pro Flare Series design is the fastest growing infield pattern in professional and collegiate baseball. Louisville Slugger: Attack the Diamond!

  • 12.75 Inch Pattern
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Deep, Flat Pocket
  • Extra Wide Lacing for Added Strength
  • Flare Design - Creates Catching Surface Up to 15% Larger Than Conventional Patterns
  • Flared Pinky and Thumb Stalls Allow for Quicker Ball Transfer to Throwing Hand
  • Outfield Model
  • Professional-Grade, Oil-Infused Steerhide Leather Construction
  • Quick Break-In
  • Single Post Web


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